Breaking: Famous Rock Star Just Banned Trump Voters From His Concerts, This is Sick!!

Left wing celebrities are all about trying to destroy President Donald Trump. They use their power and money to try and organize attacks on the Trump administration. They are starting to make real fools of themselves and if they continue they could lose what is left of their support. Every day a new left wing celebrity comes to attack President Trump. They will not stop until they think they have done enough damage, which for many, is getting him out of the White House.

It turns out even aging, non-relevant, rock star from the 1970s has come out against Trump Todd Rundgren got famous for his music in the 1970s and never really did get back his fame after a few of his songs got popular.

No he wants to try and win back supporters by bashing the president? This is not going to turn out well for him if he continues on this path.

“No. If I had the power, I would say: If you are a Trump supporter, do not come to my show, because you will not have a good time. And also, I do not understand your frickin’ values. Because I am not singing about that. If you do not understand that basic thing, you are just fooling yourself.”

This is what he said about Trump supporters coming to his concerts. He does not have to worry about Trump supporters coming to his concerts, because they are way to smart to do that. He is fooling himself if he thinks he has the audience to say that.

He has a new song out called “The Man In The Tin Foil Hat” where he insults the president.

“He’s coming down the escalator with a girl from the east of here because the man in the tin foil hat is leading like a teenage girl. He puts the ‘pluto’ in plutocrat, he hasn’t got time for losers, unless they do what he demands.”

This guys is turning into a joke.

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