BREAKING: Justice Scalia Accused Obama of Surveilling Supreme Court Before He Died

Former president Barack Obama did a huge mistake at the time he decided to spy on top names in the country. President Donald Trump was first on the list, and Obama even threw his surveillance game on several senators, ambassadors, and officials.

The whole surveillance thing was illegal, and Obama can easily end up behind bars. For some, this is pretty similar to treason, because he was actually spying on innocent people with the excuse that they were “hanging around” with the wrong people.

Now Judge Andrew Napolitano decided to speak about Obama’s surveillance. He went on Fox Business Network, and discussed over the comments Senator Rand Paul made regarding the statement of another senator who was also spied by Obama administration.

Judge Napolitano said that Obama even dared to spy the US Supreme Court. He made the comments after his conversation with Justice Scalia. According to Scalia, there were some hints pointing to the possible spy game in the Supreme Court.

Judge Napolitano said that the former president should definitely testify, and tell the truth. He owes that to every citizen in the country. The judge also said that this testifying is of utmost importance if Obama actually monitored the unmasked intelligence.

This is only the beginning. President Donald Trump wasn’t the only person Obama spied on. The spying net caught many American politicians, and liberals believe that Obama only monitored those who impose serious threat to this country.

The whole story starts with Soros and people like him. Obama and his friend, Hillary Clinton, didn’t really like Rand Paul.

The CIA and FBI should take a better care for our safety, and spying is the last thing Americans deserve.

What do you think about this information? Do you think there is something more behind this spy game and Obama?

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