BREAKING: Liberal Troll Responsible For Tucker Carlson Death Hoax Admits Who Paid Him

If you’ve seen the reports coming out of such reputable hack sites as, and many others, you might think that Tucker Carlson had died. The truth is, Tucker Carlson, who the report said was murdered in an intentional hit and run Friday night after a Fox broadcast in New York, is alive and well and living in Washington DC.

The hoax, meant to “expose conservatives on social media as dimwitted potatoes who will believe anything you feed them,” was perpetrated by a professional agent of the Soros Corporation known as Busta Troll, a thorn in the side of conservative social media for several years now. He admitted to MSNBC that he was paid more than $100K to invent the story and send the right into a panic over losing their bowtied bastion of truth:

“Sure, I did it. I love fucking with those turds. It doesn’t matter how many times you tell them they’re being trolled, they just keep clicking. The category I listed the article under was something like ‘Mashed Potatoes’ or ‘Emperor Penguins.’ I mean…come on.”

He’s talking about the original article, of course, which managed to get past the fact-checkers and make it all over the internet. Our publication was one of the first to pick it up, sadly, which we do apologize for. The troll continued to say:

“The fact is, these people are idiots. Go to any of the sites that have re-printed the article. It took all of 11 minutes to go from ‘Oh my God Tucker, NO!!!!’ to ‘Hillary Clinton killed Tucker Carlson.’ They’re morons. Insufferable morons. The only thing that gives intelligent people solace is that we have places to go where we can point at the stupidity that got trump elected and laugh.

Oh, I also killed Ted Nugent.”

Clearly having no respect for the truth, the troll will also get off scot-free because the original website that posted the articles has a disclaimer pointing out that people who believe anything they write are as dumb as stumps. More than 50,000 people have shared the story and the headline has reached millions. That troll sure did earn his Soros money this week.

Sadly, nothing can be done other than to report the post to Snopes, which has been debunked as a hack liberal leaning biased “fact checker”…by Tucker Carlson. Hopefully, President Trump and the GOP congress can figure out a way to change the 1st Amendment so these jerks have to stop fooling us like this.

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