BREAKING: Muslim Refugee Shoots 15 People In Ohio, President Trump Plans To Deport Them All At Once, Do You Support Him?

Yet another Muslim shooter decided to enrich 15 people with vibrant diversity, killing 1 and grievously injuring 14 others in the process, but as our beloved political leaders love to say “we should get used to it”.

That is right, getting used to explosions, knife slashing and gunfire in your own cities and neighborhoods should be a normal, common thing. Needless to say, if you even dare to point out the cause of these problems, let alone speak out or dare to take action against it, you will immediately be branded as an evil racist Islamophobe by the lapdogs of the traitorous Left.

They do not even try to hide their true intentions any longer, both Muslims and leftists – they are openly cooperating and working towards ultimate destruction to everything you hold dear. After all, those leftists shilling and making excuses for these innocent Muslim terrorists are the same ones who invited and welcomed them in the first place.

Ironically enough, they are first to be executed if Muslims actually manage to conquer our lands and establish Islamic caliphate, but if they fail the leftists will be executed by the patriots, so bottom line, they really, really are not in a favorable spot whatsoever.


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