BREAKING: The New FBI Director Just Leaked Something HUGE About Comey And Russia…Democrats Lied!

James Comey’s firing caused quite a mess these days, and we hear different stories about the scandal. Democrats criticized President Donald Trump for his decision to fire the former FBI Directors.

You could hear every Democrats saying how Comey came close to something big, adding that President Trump was only trying to stop him from digging out the dirt. That’s absolutely wrong, because President Trump decided to dismiss Comey due to his activities in the last year.

Let’s not forget that Comey stated that there’s no need to initiate an investigation into Hillary’s private email server scandal. Then, he went on saying that the FBI will conduct an investigation into the Russian interference with the presidential elections. However, Comey never mentioned anything about the potential investigation into the anti-Trump leaks.

Some said that the President fired Comey because the former FBI director requested more resources to investigate the Russian issue. Of course, none of the claims are true, and it’s only the vicious people who spread fake information.

The current acting Director Andrew McCabe had his hearing in front of the Senate, and Senator Susan Collins asked him if he can confirm the claims suggesting that Comey needed more resources to investigate the Russian interference right before President Trump fired him.

This was the big moment.

“I was not aware of that request and it is not consistent in how we request additional resources,” McCabe said, adding that Comey had more than the resources he needed to investigate the Russian interference.

This is huge. Who knows what will happen next… However, this Comey thing is bigger than it seems, and there’s probably something he never shared with the American public.

What do you think about the comments McCabe made? Do you think there’s something behind the whole thing? How will this end?

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