Breaking News: Muslim White House Staffer Thrown Out By President Trump, Was It The Right Decision?

It is better to be intolerant than dead. However, in twisted, deranged minds of leftists, it is the other way round. Rumana Ahmed, who worked under Obama administration, states that she lasted for only eight whole days before being kicked out of the White House administration.

Of course, she immediately seized this delightful opportunity to blame it on so called “Islamophobia” and intolerance. Well, we will just mention once again that it is better to be intolerant and “Islamophobic” than dead. They just cannot grasp this very simple and basic concept of nature not just human, but of all living beings – if Islamists keep blowing you up, slaughtering you in the streets and shooting you at the malls and airports, then it is completely natural and logical to develop certain amount of distrust, distaste and general animosity towards them.

However, for some people this is impossible to comprehend since they are not willing to accept that as something natural and healthy, but they would rather socially and psychologically engineer everyone in their vicinity to accept this as something normal and understandable or as they like to say “it’s part of their culture”? Alright, there you have it, folk, that is the epitome of liberal/leftist reasoning – if your country, people and families are targets of everyday terrorism, you better get used to it, it’s part of their culture to blow up, shoot, pillage, rape and kidnap.

They are the poison which has debilitated this once great country, the poison of liberalism and cultural Marxism, crippled our senses and logic, our ability to think rationally and even do something about certain dangers and threats that are ever present and threaten our way of life.

Rumana Ahmed does not deserve and will not get any sympathy and Obama should take full responsibility for his destructive actions and decisions that brought this affliction called Islamic terrorism to America in the first place.

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