BREAKING: Researchers Just Figured Out Why So Many Illegals Are Criminals

Illegal immigration in this country and the crime that follows it are certainly no joke.

Scientists have long wondered why those coming across our southern border illegally are more inclined to live lives of crime. After ten years of studying psychiatric reports, medical records, and police logs, the research team at The Heritage Foundation has discovered there may be a very simple answer to that question: Genetics.

Dr. J.M. Engalls, PhD, PPD, LOhD, chief research scientist on the project, explains that to a Mexican illegal, it isn’t a question of morals:

“These people are predisposed to criminal behavior. It isn’t their upbringing or their ‘moral fiber,’ it’s hereditary. Our studies found that more than 90 percent of the Mexicans here illegally have been arrested for a crime at one time or another. That’s a staggering number.

What we found is a gene in the 15th chromosome that has been carried by the Mexicans since they were conquered by Spain. That same gene can also be found in abundance in the seedy criminal underworld of several European countries closely tied to Latin America, such as Portugal and Morocco.

The next step will be to isolate the gene and see if there’s a treatment. If we could make our illegals less dangerous, we’ll be much safer until President Trump can expel them all.”

Science is now agreeing with Trump that Mexicans are drug dealers, murderers, and rapists. Maybe this will open up the eyes of those ignorant liberals who think these people should be allowed to stay here, kill our children and take our jobs and get free houses and food in return.

At least now there’s ammunition for the fight. Dr. Engele’s research is being published in the January edition of the American Medical Association Journal of Medicine.

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