BREAKING: Three Members Of Obama’s House Staff Have Died In Three Months

Something weird is going on at Barack Obama’s Washington, D.C. mansion.

Back in July, a “small contingent” of FBI agents was seen visiting Obama’s home and speaking to house staff. While this story didn’t bear mention in the mainstream media at the time because it seemed a non-story, what has happened since makes it hugely relevant.

Fox 5 reported Sunday night that 37-year-old Desmond Hanson had died in his sleep — a nonstory under normal circumstances, but this makes him the third member of Obama’s house staff to die since October.

Hanson was the groundskeeper at Obama’s $5.6 million mansion. Last month, cook 22-year-old Marvin Martindale suffered a diabetic attack and slipped into a coma from which he never awoke. A week before that, maid, 19-year-old Valenzuela Timko fell in her basement and hit her head. She passed away from her injuries.

On their own, none of these deaths seem suspicious. But when taken together, when you consider that the FBI had interviewed each of these people, their deaths suddenly seem a bit concerning.

So far, police have called “case closed” on these — it’s probably safe to call them murders — but it’s probably worthwhile to take another look.

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