BREAKING: Trump Just Hired MAJOR Person To His Administration – This Is HUGE!

President Donald Trump is ignoring the attacks from his fellow Democrats, and it seems like nothing will stop him from making America great again. Democrats slowed down the confirmation of the top players in his administration, but President Trump is making huge steps towards accomplishing his goal.

We knew that President Trump is the right person to lead this country, and that’s what actually helped him win the elections. He earned people’s trust, and promised to change things. This country was heading in the wrong direction, but now everything is falling to the right place.

Now President Trump decided to complete his team, and he’s been working hard on picking the right patriots for his country. He only needs a few more people, and his new administration will be complete. The President needs a strong team, and he is already working on filling the last free positions.

Callista Gingrich will be the new US ambassador to Vatican. We bet that Democrats will hate the fact that the wife of the former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is getting this position, but they disagree with anything brought by President Donald Trump.

According to Newt, they had to be “very cautious” until Callista’s nomination is announced. We all remember how Callista convinced Newt to convert to Roman Catholicism after their marriage.

President Trump came up with the idea of nominating Callista for this position back in January.

Former Sen. Rick Santorum was also considered as an option.

Newt’s wife is the current president of Gingrich Productions, a multimedia production company in Arlington, Virginia. She was also working at the position of a congressional aide in the House of Representatives.

What do you think about Callista’s nomination? Do you think Democrats will block the process again? Do you think she is the right person for this position?

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