Dolly Parton Just Broke Her Silence — Destroys Statue Protesters With 4 Words

The debate over Confederate monuments reignited earlier this month.

Most of the Americans are getting tired of the debate on Confederate statues and monuments.The problem is that the Liberals want to take them down.Many of the people believe that nothing will change if they take them down. They think that if they take them down the Liberals will get what they want, and they will consider that they can do anything they want. Also, it’s very exhilarating to see celebrities, how they fight for what they believe is right and not only accept what the mainstream media is saying.

According to The Lutchman Report, Dolly Parton, famous country singer, is under the shadows by Aisha Harris. Aisha is a Black Lives Matter activist, who is urging to close Dolly Parton’s dinner theater show. The show is called “Dixie Stampede” and Aisha thinks it’s “too American.” There was a video that showed everything that she said.

The Black Lives Matter activist found the show racist, thinking that it’s wrong that people get to chose whether they will it on the North or South side. Aisha said on Slate Magazine: “At Dolly Parton’s Civil War-themed dinner theater, there’s violence on many sides.”Aisha even compared the restrooms from the both sides.

She said that the one on the North have a dark wood placard, and the Southerner’s restroom had a bright wood placard, believing that, that had a racist idea. She explained: “I did at least have time to run to the bathroom – a necessity after three and a half hours of sucking down lemonade by the bootful. This seemed like it could be a nice break, but when I got there, I stumbled upon this: ‘Southerners Only’ on a light-colored placard and ‘Northerners Only’ on a dark-colored placard. This was, at best, horrifyingly tone-deaf.”

“Dolly Parton is right about one thing: Dixie Stampede is as American as America gets.” This is the only thing that Harris believes in. All in all, we can acknowledge that the Alt-Left is trying to eliminate nationalism, in any way they can. If they succeed, they will only get a country that doesn’t stand for anything and doesn’t have any true value.


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