Hillary Is Freaking Out After What A Federal Judge Just Ordered That She Do IMMEDIATELY

Many Patriots believe that there was a cover-up to protect then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, following the horrible Benghazi tragedy in 2012.

Well, it looks like we quite possibly will finally be proven right about that!

A Federal judge has ordered the release of EVEN MORE new emails that were stored on Hillary Clinton’s private email server!  Can you even imagine?  Even now, MORE potentially INCRIMINATING emails are going to be released.

These emails were sent just TWO DAYs after terrorists attacked the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, according to Judicial Watch.

These emails are apparently a summary of Obama’s calls to the presidents of Libya and Egypt, so may contain information about what Obama and Hillary reallyREALLY knew about the terrorist attack.

The only reason these emails are now going to be released is because Judicial Watch sued the State Department!  Until that, they were “redacted” because, according to the State Department, they were exempt from the Freedom of Information Act.

What the heck ever, ya’ll!  It’s all been a huge cover up, to protect their precious Hillary Clinton!  Well, thank God for this Federal judge who sees through their smoke a mirrors!

We WILL get to the bottom of all her crimes!

SHARE  this all over the country and the world!  Let this get all the way back to Hillary Clinton so she knows she is NOT going to get away with it!

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