Kellyanne Conway Drop A BOMB On Nancy Pelosi – It’s Happening

We know that Democrats can’t really stand the idea of having President Trump in the Oval Office. They were convinced that Hillary Clinton would win the presidential elections, but things didn’t work that way. Well, that’s what we all hoped for, because every other outcome would have sealed the destiny of this country. Can you imagine Hillary in the Oval Office? She would definitely turn this country into ashes.

Although Democrats know that President Trump is doing the right job, they’d never admit that he is the right person to lead this country. We can’t believe that they still think how Hillary Clinton should have won. That would be a complete disaster.

The new administration faced a lot of problems after inauguration day, and President Trump couldn’t really gather his strongest people. He had trouble nominating the top Americans for the main positions in his administration, but luckily, he is slowly getting closer to completing his team.

Kellyanne Conway has always been a target. She was always criticized for her activities, and we all remember how Democrats tried to make fun of her in several occasions. Some made disgusting jokes about her alleged relationship with President Trump. Others claimed that she kneeled her way up to the White House. So terrible and disgusting.

Democrat Congressman Cedric Richmond said that Conway looked pretty familiar on her knees in the Oval Office, and Nancy Pelosi, his boss, said that this was no “big deal.” Really? Well, never expected anything good from her.

Well, Conway decided to strike back, and she did it in the right way. “I’m very disappointed in Minority leader, Nancy Pelosi. No wonder she was a two-term speaker and the majority of the voters were female across the country and they didn’t want her to be speaker anymore… She had nothing to say about a member of her, a Democratic congressman, a member of her caucus issuing such a tasteless, sexist joke,” Conway said.

What do you think about this? Do you support Conway?

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