Aside from her actions together with President Trump, Melania Trump showed how beautiful she can dress.

She amazed the crowd when she showed up during the inaugural ball.

Trump was stunned by her beauty.

She wore a dress designed by French-American fashion designer Hervé Pierre. After the ball, Melania gave her gown to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.

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They were grateful and placed her gown in the “First Ladies”  section, together with the gowns of other first ladies. This section consists of 26 dresses, and among them were the gowns from Laura Bush, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Martha Washington.

This tradition of saving dresses from the first ladies was started after Helen Taft donated a white silk chiffon dress in 1909.

Women’s Wear Daily reported that Pierre escorted the First Lady to the Smithsonian.

“She asked me if I wanted to be her date, and I said, ‘Oh hell, yes. As a foreigner who became an American, to have your gown put in the Smithsonian Museum is a big huge honor. I got chills. I know how in the designer world, there are lots of big egos. I have always tried to manage my ego for many, many years. But in this case, there is nothing to be ashamed of — it’s a big ego thing. I’m really, really proud of it,” Pierre stated.

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The director of the museum, John Gray stated: “Today Melania Trump is taking part in a more than century-old tradition. The first inaugural gown donated to the Smithsonian was by Helen Taft, and more than 100 years later we are proud to have Melania Trump donate to this extraordinary collection.”

Regarding her donation to the museum, Melania Trump said: “As most of you know, before being elected president my husband was never in politics. So you can imagine that after he won we were very busy with all that goes into preparing for a new administration and all the changes that we as a family would be facing.”

She continued: “To be honest, what I would wear to the inaugural ball was the last thing on my mind, in fact by the time I got around to thinking about my wardrobe choice poor Hervé was only given two weeks to design and produce this couture piece.”

“The president, Barron and I love living here and we are so honored to represent this country,” the First Lady concluded.

Apparently, Melania was proudly wearing the gown on three inaugural balls. On every ball, she danced with President Trump. At the final ball, she dedicated a dance to U.S. troops by dancing with a military member.

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