Michelle Obama Caught In Another Scandal – This Time It’s HUGE!

The Obamas do not want to get out of the news. Yes, it has been many months since they have left the White House, but now they are here, stronger than ever. Liberals love the couple and do everything to empower them to do more. This is the last thing we need. They should go back on vacation in the islands and stay there. The United States is still trying to recover after eight years straight of lies and criminal behaviour. President Donald Trump is doing everything he can to save America but it will be a long journey.

Now there is another scandal involving Michelle Obama. There is a mural that is being hung on a building in Chicago’s south side. It is a painting of Michelle as an Egyptian women. This is causing many people to question the painting. Why is she being portrayed as being Egyptian?

Michelle is a known liar. She did so much to destroy the country during her time as First Lady that she almost singlehandedly brought America down. Many people in Chicago do not want this painting as they think it is offensive to see her as an Egyptian, something that is not true.

But that is not the only thing wrong with the mural. The artwork looks strikingly similar to a painting done by an art student named Gelila Mesfin.

Mesfin said this about the mural:

 “How can you just steal someone’s artwork… someone’s hard work and claim it like it’s yours… How can you go on record and say you designed this… this is so disheartening and so disrespectful on so many levels…” Mesfin said. “It’s one thing to share or even profit from someone’s work but to claim it as yours is just wrong!”

Are you tired of seeing the Obamas in the news?

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