Muslim Welfare Queen Busted for Food Stamp Fraud Goes Into Foul Mouth Rage

While many hard-working Americans slave away putting in 40+ hour work weeks just to make ends meet, the other half of society enjoy sitting on their asses collecting a nice fat welfare check on our dime. If it wasn’t bad enough that these welfare leeches enjoy the luxuries of life for free that the rest of us toil away to earn, what one man caught a nasty Muslim welfare queen doing at his local grocery store will make your blood absolutely boil.

And after you see what this Muslim on welfare was caught doing at his local grocery store, will make you lose your patience.

While purchasing items from his local grocery store, a lawyer in New York encountered a Muslim woman buying a huge cart full of soda, using only her food stamp card. From a quick conversation, he quickly found out that the pack of sodas she was buying were not for her or her family, but she purchased them with the goal of re-selling them at her convenience store. After learning this, he confronted the Muslim woman in the parking lot to tell her that what she is doing is basically stealing money from taxpayers, which causes her to lash out violently, on a foul-mouthed rage, where she tells Americans what she thinks of them exactly.

This is absolutely sick. Not only are these people infiltrating our country and then crippling our economy by getting on benefits, but they’re doing everything in their power to plunge the knife in our backs even further by committing massive fraud. Be sure to share this story so someone out there can identify this woman and get her arrested. We need to send a clear message that this type of behavior will not be tolerated! These people can go back to their third world country crap holes if they want to continue to be a burden on our society and screw us over!

h/t: freedomdaily

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