Pakistani asylum seeker is jailed for attacking British wife he married to get a visa with a hammer

Liberal women seem to be utterly oblivious to the hell they are passing on to their daughters and granddaughters when they support allowing immigrants like these into civilized countries.

These men will pass on their beliefs to their sons.

A Pakistani asylum seeker who smashed his wife with a hammer when she forgot to cook his dinner has been allowed to stay in Britain.

Mohsin Akram, 21, repeatedly beat Mariam Hussain while drunk at their home in Cardiff.

He battered her with first one and then two hammers, shouting ‘you’ve had your chance to be a good wife’ as she begged him to stop, saying that he was hurting her.

The brute treated the 20-year-old, who he met on Facebook and married to get a visa, as a prisoner in her own home.

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