POLL: Should Muslims be just banned from entering the United States? President Trump thinks so and he is right!

Probably the sole reason why Donald Trump is so hated and unpopular among leftists is his travel ban directed towards Muslims. It is simply a rational, logical and common sense to do.

However, rational thinking, logic and common sense do not apply to leftist minds. Just look at the state of Europe and what is happening there at this very moment – terrorist attacks and murdering sprees committed by Muslims have drastically increased in frequency.

Donald Trump is simply doing what is right and reasonable.

These people are pouring into Europe and America in millions and majority of them are young, aggressive males without any documentation and identification. Their sole reason and purpose of coming is to leech off of native population and be given free everything forever. If they do not get that, they will riot, threaten, demonstrate, blow things up, massacre people in the streets, molest your women and children and turn your neighborhoods into no-go zones.

Keep in mind that these practices and incidents will escalate even further, which means that terrorist attacks will become a daily occurrence – we are not far from that!

Insanity of the Left will not cease until they turn America and Europe into third-world war-zones, which is why it is of utmost importance from stopping leftists, Democrats, Marxists and liberals from obtaining more power!

Our future depends on it!

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