POLL: Is President Trump a Good Role Model For Other Fathers?

Is Donald Trump a good father?
That’s an insanely personal question, and thus difficult to answer well. The only people who are really in a position to answer are his children, his various wives, and maybe some very close friends and relatives. Those people, however, would b innately biased when talking to the public, so we’ll never know for sure.
Now, by most accounts, his children have generally turned out pretty well, which is not at all inevitable when growing up with sickening wealth and no small amount of fame. His children all publicly laud him (including Tiffany, who he rarely saw during her upbringing). That implies good things about his parenting.
On the other hand, he’s publicly joked about his unwillingness to be directly involved in childcare, and how little time he spent with his kids during their upbringing, so it may just be that he’s been either very good or very lucky at picking wives, nannies and boarding schools.
In any case, he does seem to have successfully navigated the shoals of raising kids who are rich, have become functional adults, and still want to be around him, which is an accomplishment, truth be told.

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