POLL: Will You Vote For Donald Trump in 2020?

So far Donald Trump’s presidency has been successful, as far as experts and analysts can say.

He has caused much controversy and emotional tantrums from the Left, which was to be expected, since they are infantile in every possible aspect, so rightfully they will act like that as well.

To put it this way, they recognized him as a controversial people because they did not like his policies for whatever vague reason they might have, but here is the deal: they could not present one single valid and solid argument that could spark a reasonable, civilized discussion among adherents of both sides, but as we already know the Left is incapable of such thing – buzzwords, name-calling, blackmails and death threats are the way to for them.

Also his viewpoint of all those conflicts in Middle-East, which significantly drain America’s resources, not to mention thousands of lives it claimed and still nobody knows the right cause and motive of all that mess that seems endless.

He also promised deporting all illegal immigrants and criminals, which he has already ordered and is going according to plan. We will see what happens about The Wall that he has talked about so much, but the real question is: Will you vote for Donald Trump in 2020?

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