IT’S ON!! Supreme Court Upholds Trump… Immigrants Are Already being Deported

Isn’t it great seeing a president that holds to promises and works for the American people? That is what Donald Trump is doing as our man in the White House. It’s been extremely frustrating to watch the Obama judges betray their Constitutional duty for the sake of left wing politics. But now we have a victory at the Supreme Court to bolster our security.

Trump has drawn a line in the sand of American exceptionalism and security and is holding the line. The liberal hacks want to see him fail, but it isn’t looking to happen anytime soon. Let’s look at the things he said he would and where they stand today:

  • He said this country would improve in jobs staying within our borders. Happening
  •  He said Obamacare was going to be repealed. It’s heading in that direction.
  • Planned Parenthood would receive it last federal dollar.

These are just a few things President Trump is pushing forward with in answer to his campaign pledges. He has more to go and is well on his way to completing the task.

Another thing he is doing is starting to deport people that are a danger or risk to this country.

According to USA politics today:

President Trump has said since day one that he will fight illegal immigration and he is also cracking down on sanctuary cities for refugees because of the threat of radical Islamic terrorists that are slipping through the cracks.

 President Trump has faced stiff opposition from the left on this issue, calling him racist and an isolationist, but when it comes to keeping the American people safe, President Trump doesn’t believe in half measures!

President Trump is going to do everything in his power to keep us safe and his plan is already working.

Earlier today a plane holding 90 Somali immigrants and at least 2 Kenyans arrived at the Mogadishu airport after they had been deported from the United States.

President Trump is not a sit and wait type of leader. He is moving ahead ahead on ridding this country of the very people that would seek our demise.

No one was harmed through this transport back to their own homeland. But of course liberals will whine that families are being affected and broken apart.

In January Mr Trump signed an executive order to halt the entrance into the US any refugees from 8 countries that had terrorist ties. Where Obama held a big welcome sign, Trump is saying no until vetting is proven.

ISIS and other jihadist entities have no compunction about taking American lives. We have a right to protect our shores from the entrance of these scum.

Once he moves forward with the Wall and SCOTUS finally ends these lower courts from their stalling of Trump’s plans, we all will benefit.

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