Top Democrat Hands Trump Historic Victory – He’s Regretting His Huge Mistake

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we should all thank the Universe that Donald Trump is our President.

Our new leader is making our country great again and he is putting aside the Obama laws and policies which were years of government waste.

A President, Trump gets to choose the next federal judges, and  he decided to give this power to the Constitutionalists.

We found out that Trump sent his special “thank you” to two unlikely senators, or as CNBC is telling:

“President Donald Trump should give special thanks to two U.S. Senators this Thanksgiving weekend. One is still serving in the Senate, the other recently retired…

Late last week, Grassley decided not to honor a Senate tradition of holding up hearings for judicial nominees who aren’t cleared by their own home state senators.

That tradition is known as the “blue slip courtesy” born out of time before nationwide communication technology when a given state’s senators had access to much more information about nominees than their colleagues from the rest of the country.

Grassley correctly noted that Democrats were now trying to use the blue slips tradition to replace the filibuster, and he’s having none of that…

And that brings us to the Democrat who provided the initial generous source of President Trump’s solid triumph: Former Senate Majority Leader, and Democrat, Harry Reid. 

Reid is a major reason this good fortune has befallen President Trump because Reid was the one who killed the filibuster rule for judicial nominees in 2013. And when he killed it, it was gone for good.”

This is probably the most essential decision that Trump will ever make, because the judges that he will empower will serve to the U.S. for their entire lives and their judgment will make an impact on every American.

Thanks to Grassley, democrats in Washington won’t abuse an outdated rule to prevent the appointments. Even more unlikely was Harry Reid’s decision, years ago, to eliminate the filibuster rule. He did it to help Obama and future democrats. Obviously, he didn’t foresee a republican ever taking the White House.

We should thank Grassley for making the democrats in Washington not to abuse the rule to prevent the appointments. The decision that Harry Reid made a few years ago- eliminating the filibuster rule- was also unlikely, because he did it to help the democrats but he didn’t saw the republicans taking over the White House.

What is more amazing is the fact that Trump will assign more judges than Obama

You may thought that the number of vacancies that Obama gave in 2009 was huge, but now that long confirmation obstruction  period has given President Trump almost twice as many places.

According to The Christian Science Monitor ,this is probably the most vacancies for a president to fill in 40 years and the Trump team is not wasting it’s time.

This is a huge jackpot, not only for Trump but for the MAGA movement as well. Capable conservative judges are coming to bring justice to America.

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