Trump BUSTS UP Largest Organized Crime Ring In US History!!!

There is a giant criminal conspiracy across the entire planet that involves millions of members connected to each other in an even bigger fraud against the US. They are gathered from all over the world and they are hooked to an enormous criminal project, and this is how it actually works.

Illegal aliens that are thrown all over America are connected to informal networks and all they discuss about it free money from welfare, free education and free health care. They are sending money home that could back a small town.

Even when these guys get a job in this country, they always play the system and remain on welfare and other types of public health. So the network that we are talking about is even in our country and not just overseas.

We need to stop this because already we are spending billions on people who do not belong here and are not eligible.

The liberals also agree on this, as Eric Garcetti, the Mayor of Los Angeles put the number at tens of billions including schools and health organization. When you add the amount of money from all of these places, the number is roof-high, and this is probably the biggest organized crime link in America ever.

Previously they were just few thousand members and now they have grown up to millions of people involved in the crime plan. And however this deal is worthy for the immigrants. People from places like Mexico, Honduras and Philippines are told that if they can drag themselves to the United States, they can get the money for absolutely not working at all, and for some of them, the deal is a fortune.

They have informal networks to trade food stamps, fake social security numbers and other frauds. It’s nothing but an organized crime on a giant scale that the members from the Democratic Party do not want to stop because they get votes from it.

Luckily Trump’s executive orders are smacking this extensive criminal enterprise and will finally put a stop to it.

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