Trump and Melania Just Walked Over to Survivors and Did the ONE THING That No One Expected

President Trump and Melania visited the Hurricane Harvey Relief Center in Houston, Texas today to meet with victims of Hurricane Harvey that have been displaced from their homes after floodwaters rose to record levels in the southern state.

Both President Trump and the First Lady greeted and met with the incredibly resilient people of Texas that are in good spirits despite the setbacks they are facing.

Then, Trump and Melania surprised everyone by asking if they could assist the charities in handing out hot meals to shelter residents.

The charities were stunned at the generosity of President Trump but quickly ran to get some extra gloves and put them to work in the busy food line.

Residents were ecstatic to be handed a wonderful hot meal from the President himself and the line was quickly inundated with people wanting to shake his hand and thank him for not forgetting about the people of Texas in their time of need.

Trump was happy to take pictures with anyone and shook everyone’s hand that wanted to greet him. Melania was all smiles as she helped pack the food cartons to be handed out. Incredible generosity from the Trumps!

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