VIDEO: Liberal Gets CHOKE-SLAMMED By Secret Service Agent Of President Trump

If there is one thing you should never do, it is going after a President of the United States. But also, you do not want to have an unfriendly and arrogant attitude towards any of his secret service agents.

The New York Post reported of a photographer being choked and thrown on the ground by a Secret Service agent as Donald Trump had a rally in Virginia on Monday.

Radford University student Celeste Chorniak who took a video and posted it on the social media, Washington Examiner reporter Gabby Morrongiello and Independent Journal reporter Perticone all shoot unique angles of the ugly confrontation.

As the student was led out, Morris was blocked from getting closer to them by the agent and he appeared to whisper “f–k you” to the burly lawman, according to Perticone’s footage.

Moments later, the agent violently slammed Morris down, in footage captured from by Chorniak from stands at Radford’s Dedmon Center.

Having Morris laying on the floor, on Morrongiello’s video you can see the photographer kicking at the agent who was trying to get on top of him.

On Perticone’s video, you can see that as the photographer stood up, he quickly put his hand around the Secret Service agent’s neck, imitating what happened to him several minutes ago.

“I’ve worked for nine years at the White House and have never had an altercation with the Secret Service,” Morris said in a statement released by Time magazine.

The Secret Service informed that they are cooperating with regional law enforcement to get a clear picture of the event.

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