White House Reporter Tries to Embarrass Huckabee’s Daughter, IMMEDIATELY Regrets it

Sean Spicer has the day off and Sarah Huckabee Sanders filled in for him at the daily Press Briefing.  She had filled in before, but today she proved why President Trump believes in her so much.

Just 1 day after Trump fired James Comey, the liberal White House Reporters thought they would embarrass her today, but they had another thing coming.

After this reporter tried to embarrass her by listing everything the Democrats are saying about Trump firing Comey, WATCH her epic response in this clip! (Full Press Conference Video Below)

“If Hillary Clinton had won the election, which thank God she didn’t, but if she had…she would have fired Comey immediately and the very democrats that are criticizing the President today would be dancing in the streets celebrating.  So it’s just, I think, the purest form of hypocrisy. “ 

Watch the full Press Conference below:

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